German company „Bredent medical”, “Princip Academy” and “Dentex-95” conducted a joint innovative course on dental implant surgery for doctors and technicians in Georgia


On April 28-29, 2023, German company „Bredent medical, Princip Academy and Dentex-95 conducted a joint innovative course on dental implant surgery for doctors and technicians in Georgia.

Three demonstration surgeries were performed:

“Implanting 6 dental implants and fixation with a digital protocol (using a surgical template) Long-term screw structure are made before implantation

“Implanting of 4 dental Implants and fixation with a digital protocol (using a surgical template)

a long-term screw structure is made before implantation

The dental surgery had been performed to install the implants and fix the long-term screw structure for 3-4 hours.

Along with the active development of implantology, patients have higher demands regarding the quality of prostheses. Crowns that are fixed in patients today should be sophisticated not only by aesthetically, but also by higher durability, comfortability and safety for human health. This allows us to think about the necessity of using surgical templates made on the basis of modern computer technologies. They make it possible to accurately determine the position of implant and correctly select its tilt angle, which significantly improves the characteristics (performance) of future prostheses.

Such navigational surgical templates ensure the maximum accuracy of the implantation procedure, increase the chance of its successful outcome, minimize the probability of traumatizing the tissues and ensure the reduction of rehabilitation time.

Installation of White SKY zirconium implants produced by the “bredent medical” company and installation of a temporary tooth using CAD/CAM technologies were also carried out.

zirconium implants are becoming an increasingly popular way to restore a beautiful smile, especially based on their aesthetic effect and excellent compatibility with body tissues. White zirconium does not cause an allergic reaction of the body and looks completely natural, like a natural tooth. The use of zirconium implants also makes it possible to avoid the transparency of the gray band (line) at the edge of the gums, which is often observed when using metal.

White SKY is a one-component implant made of zirconium oxide, which is a biocompatible material. Implants made of this material are recommended for patients who are allergic to metals. Zirconium implants are an ideal option for the frontal group of teeth, where the metal can shine through the soft tissues/ they allow for a good aesthetic result in a wide smile, as well as a thin gingival biotype.

In general surgery, zirconium has been used for a long time as a material for implants, but only recently has it also become indispensable in dentistry. It gained particular popularity in recent years, when scientists in their studies of the safety and durability of bioceramics showed that this material optimally corresponds to the conditions of its use in the jaw.

Presentations and discussions were held during the course of the master class.


The participants of the innovative course had the opportunity to introduce new surgical technologies and technical solutions, as well as opportunities for qualification improvement for local doctors.

The course was conducted by Davit Galstyan – Head of the surgical department of the Academy of Principles.

Sergej Deutsch – Specialist in CAD-CAM technologies and navigation planning.