Koba Kobaladze met with mothers of soldiers who died in War in Abkhazia


On October 3, 2023, General Major Koba Kobaladze, Director of State Service of Veterans Affairs, met with mothers and spouses of the soldiers who were killed and went missing during the hostilities in War in Abkhazia.  The information is spread by the State Service of Veterans Affairs.

The meeting was initiated by General Major Koba Kobaladze. At the meeting the guests discussed the challenges faced by the family members of those who went missing in terms of searching for the graves and transferring their cadaver to the home country. Despite the efforts made by International Red Cross, the challenges still exist regarding the transfer of cadaver.

“During the meeting, the issues regarding registering the residential spaces in public registry and ensuring the families with apartments were considered. They also discussed the day-to-day problems which are important for them to be solved.

Koba Kobaladze heard the problems of every mother, went into the details of the issues and tasked the relevant department to solve those problems. He promised the guests that he will inform the relevant agencies about the existing problems and will coordinately try to solve the issues within the scope of the legislation.

The director of the Service said that he will again meet the mothers and spouses of the soldiers who were killed and went missing in the near future and will inform them about the new details of specific cases.

For your information, General Major Koba Kobaladze had visited the memorial of the heroes earlier on September 27, on the day of fall of Sokhumi to honor the memory of those soldiers who were killed and went missing for the territorial integrity of the country. He heard the problems of the family members of those heroes and promised them to assist in solving the problems” – the information says.