Koba Kobaladze’s continues his visit to Abu Dhabi within the framework of TAPS Global Federation Forum


Major General Koba Kobaladze, Director of the State Service of Veterans Affairs, continues his meetings with representatives of veteran organizations from different countries of the world within the framework of the Global Federation Forum held under the auspices of “TAPS” (“Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors”) in Abu Dhabi. Leaders of organizations caring for the families of fighters who died during war, armed conflicts and military services from different countries of the world take part in the international event, which will last from November 29 to December 4.

Koba Kobaladze attends the forum at the official invitation of the founder and president of TAPS, Ms. Bonnie Carol.

Another workshop was held within the framework of the forum: “Together for Peace” which was about the challenges of peace due to the current armed conflicts taking place around the world. Forum participants unanimously noted that today’s hostilities in Ukraine and the Middle East, which have claimed thousands of lives, convince every citizen of the world, especially veterans, their family members, families of those killed in war, that there is no alternative to peace in the world. The civilized world must work together to make peace. To this end, all countries, for which the life of each of its citizens is valuable, must unite strength towards a single goal, which is the march towards peace.


However, each country should continue to strive to increase its defense capabilities at the same time. The participants of the forum visited the Museum of Remembrance in Abu Dhabi. Both governmental and non-governmental organizations of veterans from different countries presented their programs and presentations, which were mainly aimed at making peace and increasing the self-defense capabilities of their countries. Koba Kobaladze once again emphasized the pragmatic vision and aspirations of the Georgian government to maintain peace and stability in our country in his speech as well as involvement of veterans of Georgia to strengthen and protect peace. For your information, Ms. Bonnie Carroll is the wife of the late Brigadier General Tommy Carroll, an American veteran. In 1994, Bonnie Carroll founded the organization “Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors” (“TAPS”) to support the families of those who died in the war, and she carries out a wide range of support projects and events, and conducts seminars all over the world.