Koba Kobaladze pays his visit to Abu Dhabi attending forum of Global Federation of TAPS


On November 29, 2023, General Major Koba Kobaladze, Director of the State Service of Veterans Affairs attended the opening ceremony of the Global Federation Forum in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The event was held under the auspices of the international charity organization “TAPS” (“Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors”). The international event, which will last until December 4, is attended by the leaders of organizations caring for the families of fighters who died during war, armed conflicts and military services from different countries around the world. Koba Kobaladze attends the forum at the official invitation of Ms. Bonnie Carol, founder, and president of TAPS.

The Director of the State Service of Veterans Affairs thanked Mrs. Bonnie Carroll, and the organizers of the forum for the invitation: “Today’s gathering is of paramount importance since the representatives of different countries have the opportunity to share the experiences with one another on overcoming the challenges faced by the dignified representatives of our countries – veterans, their family members and survivors. Let us develop joint projects to overcome these challenges and work together to consolidate peace in the world. This is specifically relevant today, when peace has become the most cherished dream in the background of war conflicts in our friendly countries. Israel has been fighting against terrorism and its worst consequences until now! Ukraine’s unequal battle against Russian aggression where together with Ukrainian fighters, 58 of my compatriots fell heroically. This might seem simple statistics for some people, but it is the greatest tragedy for us. I remember Ukrainian fighter Leonid Obukh’s father’s words who died for the territorial integrity of Georgia in Abkhazia in the 90s of the previous centuries. “If we cannot stop the Russians today at the River Gumista, we will have to defend ourselves on the banks of the Dnieper tomorrow”! Unfortunately, these words of the dead fighter’s father has become a kind of prophecy. We, Georgians, had to fight for the integrity, freedom and independence of our country repeatedly during the last decades, which cost the lives of thousands of our country’s proud representatives! We are well aware of the indescribable tragedy of war and the inestimable value of peace. That is why we appreciate pragmatic, and peaceful policy made by our government specifically in the light of the age of nuclear weapons! The fight for peace has no alternative and we are all well aware of it! Aggression, and terrorism have no borders, nationality, and we must reunite our powers to fight against them. This is the reason why today’s forum is so important, and I would like to thank Ms. Bonnie Carroll and wish you all peace!

It is noteworthy that in the month of May, 2023, Koba Kobaladze, at the official invitation of the American Department of Veterans Affairs, together with the representatives of the State Service of Veterans Affairs, paid an official visit to the United States of America, where he held high-ranking meetings with the State Department and the non-governmental sector. The mentioned visit was preceded by the official visit of Bonnie Carroll, during which the strengthening of the cooperation between TAPS and the State Service of Veterans Affairs was planned. The implementation of joint projects was also planned. To this end, Koba Kobaladze and Mrs. Bonnie Carol signed a memorandum of cooperation in Washington.

For your information, Mrs. Bonnie Carroll is the wife of the late Brigadier General Tommy Carroll, an American veteran. Tommy Carroll died in a military plane crash in 1992 along with 7 other officers. In 1994, Bonnie Carroll founded the organization “Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors” (“TAPS”) to support the families of those who died in the war. She carries out a wide range of support projects and events as well as conducts seminars all over the world.