Dead heroes of August War were Commemorated in Rustavi


Levan Gogolauri, head of Kvemo Kartli Division of the State Service of Veterans Affairs, employees of the Division, local veterans, members of Rustavi Chokhosanta Community and comrades of the soldiers who died in August War, laid a wreath at the Memorial of Heroes in Rustavi on August 8 on the 15th anniversary of Russia-Georgia war 2008. They once again commemorated the soldiers who fell on the battlefield for the unity of the country.

The information is spread by the State Service of Veterans Affairs.

According to the information spread by the Ministry of Defense, 169 servicemen are considered dead in Russia-Georgia war 2008 while five of them are still considered missing. In 2008, 228 Georgian civilians and 14 policemen were killed and 1,747 were wounded as a result of Russian intervention. Almost 150,000 people left their domiciles under compulsion, 30,000 of them remain in exile till today.