Veterans and their family members get free admission to museums during Veterans Day Week


On October 14,15,16, and 17, 2023, veterans and their family members will be allowed to visit the museums and museums reserves for free on the basis of the appeal made by the State Service of Veterans Affairs and by the decision of LEPL National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia. The occasion is related to the Veteran’s Day which is being observed within the framework of the special week dedicated to the honor of the veterans.

The veterans and their families will be admitted to the following museums and museum-reserves:

Historical-Architectural State Museum-Reserve of Uplistsikhe;

Address: Gori Municipality, village Kvakhvreli

Historical-Architectural Museum-Reserve of Vardzia;

Address: Aspindza Municipality.

Ujarma and Davit – Gareji Museum-Reserve;

Address: Sagarejo Municipality.

Mutso Museum-Reserve;

Address: Dusheti Municipality, village Mutso

Chazhashi Museum-Reserve;

Address: Mestia Municipality, Chazhashi village (Ushguli community)

On October 15 and 17 the following museums and museum reserves will be open for the veterans and their families:

Borjomi Local History Museum;

Address: Borjomi, St. Nino St. #5.

Gremi Museum;

Address: Kvareli Municipality, village of Eniseli

House-Museum of Niko Nikoladze;

Address: Samtredia, village of Didi Jikhai.

Architectural-Archaeological Museum-Reserve named after Parmen Zakaria;

Address: Senaki Municipality, village Nokalakevi.

Kutaisi Historical-Architectural Museum-Reserve;

Address: Kutaisi, Nazarishvili St. #7.

Niko Firosmanashvili State Museum;

Address: Dedoplistskaro Municipality, village Mirzaani,

Tbilisi, Firosmani st. #29,

House-Museum of David and Giorgi Eristavi;

Address: Dusheti Municipality, village Odzi.

Ekvtime Takaishvili Archaeological Museum-Reserve of the Guria Region;

Address: Ozurgeti, April 9 St. #8.

Didi Liakhvi Gorge State Museum-Reserve;

Address: Gori, Verkhvebi settlement.

Samshvilde and Kldekari Museum-reserve;

Address: Tetritskaro Municipality

Didi Mtskheta Archaeological State Museum-Reserve;

Armaztsikhe (Bagineti), Armaziskhevi (Pityakhshta) complex, Samartovro Samarovani;

It should be noted that state museums and museum-reserves are open for visitors for free at any time, and veterans and their family members will also be given the opportunity to visit these museums for free on specific dates.

During the visit, it is necessary for the person to bring a veteran’s certificate or a survivor’s certificate.

#October 17 is Veterans Day

The State Service of Veterans Affairs thanks LEPL National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia for making the aforementioned decision.