Koba Kobaladze’s visit to Abu Dhabi ended with the summary meeting of the TAPS Global Federation Forum


Major General Koba Kobaladze, Director of the State Service of Veterans Affairs, attended the global federation forum organized under the auspices of “TAPS” (“Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors”) in Abu Dhabi” The international event, which started on November 29, was participated by the leaders of both state and non-governmental organizations caring for the families of fighters who died during war, armed conflicts and military servicew from different countries around the world. Koba Kobaladze attended the forum at the official invitation of the founder and president of TAPS, Mrs. Bonnie Carol.

The conclusive workshop was held within the framework of the Global Federation Forum organized under the auspices of” TAPS” (“Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors”). During the meeting, the representatives of different countries gave presentations, in which the projects implemented to support the veterans living in their countries, their family members and survivors were presented. They talked about the issues which are still problematic for them and solutions were outlined.


Koba Kobaladze, together with Ms. Bonnie Carol and representatives of veterans’ organizations from different countries, reiterated the challenges faced by Georgian veterans and their family members, and survivors. Despite social, and economic efforts made by the governmental institutions, the private sector, and the State Service of Veterans Affairs, the challenges still exist. He once again noted that coordinated cooperation with international partners and veteran organizations of partner countries is particularly important to overcome these challenges. Koba Kobaladze signed memoranda of mutual cooperation with veterans’ organizations of different countries which envisage deepening of cooperation to overcome the social and health challenges of the beneficiaries of the Service, development of joint projects and gradual implementation of exchange programs in order to share experience.

Koba Kobaladze’s visit to Abu Dhabi has finalized.

For your information, Ms. Bonnie Carroll is the wife of the late Brigadier General Tommy Carroll, an American veteran. In 1994, Bonnie Carroll founded the organization “Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors” (“TAPS”) to support the families of those who died in the war, and she carries out a wide range of support projects and events, and conducts seminars all over the world.