Horse racing dedicated to memory of fighters killed in battles for integrity of Georgia was held In village of Mlashe Dusheti Municipality


On November 18, 2023, a horse racing dedicated to the memory of the fighters who died in the battles for the territorial integrity of Georgia was held in the village of Mlashe (8 km 5 rounds) was held. The event was organized with the personal involvement of Tariel Chikhashvili a veteran of the War of August 2008 as well as with the support of the State Service of Veterans Affairs  and Dusheti equestrian club “300 Aragveli”.

Riders from 14 different municipalities throughout Georgia took part in the horse racing. The first place was taken by the rider – Davit Feradze from Kharagaulli. The second place went to Giorgi Tsintsadze from Chokhatauri, and the third place to Mirza Aptsiauri from Gudamakari.

Concurrently, a race for mixed breed horses was also held, where the prize places were distributed as follows: 1st place – Soso Ramishvili from Chokhatauri, 2nd place – Jaba Beridze from Kharagauli, 3rd place – Yoram Ichirauli from Tusheti.

Special cups, medals and branded wines established by the State Service of Veterans Affairs were presented to the riders who reached the prize place.

This horse racing was held for the second time this year and will become an annual event.